5 Home Remedies For Your Dog

Rain or shine, he is always there. He gives you unconditional love and attention. It takes very little to make him happy. Who is this? Why, it’s your pet pooch. Your dog, the one you have chosen to take care of and to be your companion through life.   home remedies for your dog

Like any living creature, dogs have issues that arise at some point in their woof-life. Some of these are easy to handle as there is the veterinarian that you can always run to. However, there are some that are so perplexing that it leaves you baffled as to what you can do to help your beloved dog.

Here are some basic home remedies that will surely help your dog (and you!) go through some of the things a dog goes through.

  • Healthy appetite: While it is a no-brainer to simply pick up a bag of your dog’s favorite bag of kibbles, there are pretty easy steps in making a healthier option for him. You may try this as a meal in itself or you may use it as a supplement to your dog’s existing diet. Boil some chicken pieces (boneless and skinless) in a little bit of salt water until done. In another pot, prepare some white rice. When both pots have cooked and cooled, mix some rice with the chicken pieces and a little bit of the broth in your dog’s food bowl. Add in a few drops of sunflower oil. Make sure the meal is thoroughly mixed. Serve to your dog and in no time, he’s a healthier pup with shinier mane (thanks to the sunflower oil).
  • Chewing: This is a common problem of dogs in their puppy years and the rest of their life if it isn’t curbed right from the start. To remedy this problem is quite simple – what you need is around your house. You can use a muscle-relaxant ointment. Just a dab a bit of the ointment on the object of obsession and watch your dog be repelled by the smell. It may take your dog a few times before he associates the smell with the urge to chew.
  • Dog Dandruff: You don’t need an anti-dandruff dog shampoo. Just go to your bathroom. Pulverize about 6 to 8 pieces of aspirin and mix into a bottle of baby shampoo. Shake well. Use on your dog in his next bath.
  • Digging: Extend the life of your lawn and keep your dog happy at the same time. All dogs dig, it’s their nature. Before your dog digs next time, sprinkle some hot sauce on his favorite spots and watch him walk away. If he finds a new spot, sprinkle on it as well. It won’t take him long to realize that he shouldn’t dig. Dogs don’t like the taste of hot sauce.
  • Shedding: Seasons change and so does your dog’s fur. If your dog is a shedder, simply wipe his fur, in the direction of growth, with a damp paper towel. Brushing too often with a shedding brush can irritate the dog’s skin so this is a gentler approach. The wet paper towel grabs all the loose hair, lessening the dog hair you will have to vacuum.

These are but simple tips but they will pay off well. You are able to keep your dog happy and healthy and at the same time, your dog is not driving you insane with these issues.

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