German shepherd training

Most of the dogs are naturally a watchdog by nature; in order to alert their owner their bark is sufficient if something unusual happens. Dogs shouldn’t be made aggressive to defend their owner if they are attacked. It is hazardous to train a dog and potentially creates a liability for you. Any wrong attempt to build aggressiveness in the dog through abuse will only affect you as dog won’t show loyalty if treated harshly by someone. It will be on your head and you will accuse for guilty if the dog bites someone. You should never ever train a dog who is basically out of control or fearful. 
If you want to select a dog to train as a guard dog, then German Shepherd training will the best choice unless the dog is clear-headed, friendly, stable and well-socialized.

STEP 1:-
German Shepherd training puppy should be socialized from the very beginning. It should be made clear to the dogs about what is normal and what is not in order to know what is a genuine threat so that they are not fearful at that time. Take the puppies out with you to places in order to socialize them, and allow them to interact and meet with other people and animals. Always try to keep your puppy away from negative experiences. Dogs from all breeds are fearful and shy in a new and strange environments and this makes the dog panic and creates a dog who bites from fear. Such dogs if not well socialized, can run if anything unusual happens.

STEP 2:-
Always perform your German Shepherd training in a well organized manner and start to train your dog from the basic obedience. It is necessary for your dog to be obedient at all the time and your dog’s training should be in an imperative manner. Dogs should look at the training as a fun and should enjoy it even if the purpose behind the training is serious. Always have a positive reinforcement and reward your dog every time as this serves as a key factor in teaching your dog to be obedient. Never push them for their mistakes and bond with them and let them have fun.

STEP 3:-
In your German Shepherd training, teach your dog to cease his barking on command. If they are not able to learn this then they can bark at anyone, anytime and may create a nuisance. Start your training by teaching them to ” Speak ” on command, and reward them for their barking. After this use commands like ” Enough ” and ” Quiet “. Give a small treat and immediate praise if the dog is quiet. All this will give you control over the barking of your dog. Make your dog sit and bark. German Shepherd is generally intelligent and will learn quickly.

STEP 4:-
Encourage your dog’s bark on strangers while at your house. Praise them by going to see why is he barking and then command them ” Enough ” or ” Quiet “. If your German Shepherd alerts you for someone unfamiliar at your house, then react positively, but do not allow this kind of behavior while you are away from home. Make your dog know about your friends and people you meet while you are on a walk.

STEP 5:-
Increase alertness in your dog by making a fake robbery in your home make by someone strange to your dog. Make the person look at the dog and flee when your German Shepherd barks and give your dog a treat and praise him for this. Never allow your dog to chase the stranger who is fleeing. Praise and reward your dog for letting you know that someone was there in your property and teach him to stop barking when the stranger is gone. This will strengthen the confidence of your German Shepherd.

STEP 6:-
Do your German Shepherd training every day and take them on a leash around the boundaries of your territory so that they can identify the perimeter of your property. Train your dog not to bark on someone outside your territory and never allow your German Shepherd to chase someone; no matter what.


– If you think that your dog needs further training and understanding, then find out a club which creates a well trained dog. Find a reputed club and spend some time with them and see some sessions as they will train your dog completely.
– The most important thing in a German Shepherd training is control and such control comes from regular training and obedience. If the dog is out of control, then it may harm or bite some and such things are illegal is some places. You will be accused of this and you will be at risk. Always carry a collar and leash while on a walk.