5 signs your dog might be in distress

1433439_22945915Dogs are man’s best friend, it brings so much happiness into our life. Most kids really like dogs as their favourite pet, they even like to share their bed with them, play with them, and give them treats. Many old people love to have dogs as their company, they really look after their dog very well. They see their dog as the best friend or even the closest member of family. Comfortable, cosy bed has always been got ready for dog to have asleep. Taking their dog for a walk is becoming a daily job, making their dog enjoy the time with them is becoming part of their life. They take care of them so carefully everyday. However, sometimes it can be very difficult to make sure if their dog is well and healthy as we speak different languages. Don’t worry, there are 5 sighs you can check if your dog is in distress.

A Tucked tail
Some of people are very good at communicating with their dog. However, not every time is completely right. In order to give dog the best care, human need to take a look of the behaviour of their dog. Because you can tell what your dog feel from their behaviour when you are familiar with it. The biggest sign of showing if your dog is distressed is a tucked tail. When you notice your dog with tucked tail that means your dog is distressed with any reason such as being scared or uncomfortable.

If you see your dog cowering in the corner more often than normal, then you may need keep eye on it. It could be sigh of depression. Normally dogs are very confident and happy, so it would be very obvious to tell if your dog are healthy or unwell from their face and body language. However, people still need to pay attention to their dog, and make sure they are eating well.

Dogs like barking loud when they are in really good mood and singing when they are feeling loved. Generally speaking Dog’s barking is just like baby crying, different tone can be showing different things. If your dog changed his barking tone when he is in good mood you can certainly tell that there are something going wrong with your dog. Whining is a noisy distressed dog makes, this can be distressing for the owner as well. Once you noticed your dog makes very high pitched noise the reason could be your dog is distressed.

Drooling is another sign of a dog being distressed. When a dog is depressed or not feeling right it may be unable to control itself properly. Uncontrollable drooling could be because your dog is not happy or is not getting enough attention.

You may notice that there are lots of hair on your sofa, and carpet from your dog sometimes, or lots of hair just drop off when you brush it or even just fall off. All of those symptoms shows that you dog is feeling uncomfortable, not very well, or even get distressed.

If you notice any of these symptoms in your dog then they could be suffering from an anxiety disorder or depression. In this case you should book an

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