6 Easy-To-Forget Supplies You Need to Buy After Adopting a Puppy

First time pet parents often struggle when making a list of things they need before adopting a puppy. While puppy food, bowls, collars, leashes, and grooming tools are easy to guess, there are a few incredibly useful items that are often forgotten.

When buying vet supplies for dogs most newbie parents are guilty of doing one of two things. They either go overboard and get things they would never need or buy only a few items which leaves them completely unprepared. Veteran pet owners swear by the usefulness of these items and it should definitely be on your list when preparing your home to welcome a new furry guest. Without further ado, following are 5 incredibly useful supplies you need to buy before bringing home a puppy. We intentionally kept the list short by not including stuff that anyone with half a brain cell would buy anyways like food, toys, treats, collar, ID tags, and others.

The Second Doggie Bed: It’s obvious to buy a dog bed for your puppy. What’s not so obvious, however, is buying a second one. There are two practical reasons why you want to buy two dog beds. Firstly, dog beds get dirty, especially before your dog fully adjusts to the new surroundings. There are bound to be a few “accidents” before you get your dog housebroken and it’s a good idea to have an extra one. Another reason to buy a second bed is to give your dog the option to lay down in a different room. If your home has a terrace or a balcony that gets beautiful sunlight, you might want to lay down the extra bed there.

Office Folder: Why does your puppy need a folder? It might not but you certainly do. Keeping all the vaccination reports and medical records in one place is incredibly useful. You might need to carry the documents when traveling with your dog or when visiting the vet’s office. Dedicate an office folder for all doggie documents.

Dog Ramps: This is underlooked by most pet owners. Dog ramp make it easier on your pet to move from bed or stairs to the ground or in and out of your car. While this seems unneccsasry if your dog is in good shape, it might be impertaive when you have an old or sick dog. This thing can really make thing different!

Povidone Iodine: Povidone Iodine is an antibacterial and antifungal medication that’s amazingly useful. From preparing a bath to treat a sudden bout of skin rashes to treating infections and cuts, this surely is a miracle solution that should always be kept at hand. Vets also recommend wiping the paws using povidone iodine to keep infections and skin problems at bay.

Anti-Chew Spray: You don’t want the legs of your furniture to be chew toys for your new pet. Puppies have poor judgement when deciding what items to chew and what to leave alone. Electrical wires, shoes, furniture, cosmetic bottles, and other small items are the usual victims. Anti-chew sprays discourage pets from chewing certain items. The way it works is simple. You spray a few spritzes on the surfaces you believe are at high risk of being chowed down. If and when your pet decides to chew that surface, the bitter taste of the spray acts as an effective deterrent.  

Blow Dryer: Wiping your pet’s coat with a towel can leave your dog damp and shivery. That’s why you need a blow dryer to gently untangle your pet’s coat whilst ensuring its coat is warm and dry. To be safe, keep the nozzle of the dryer at least a few inches away from your puppy’s sensitive skin. Also, it’s important to keep the dryer in motion, so that no particular spot gets too much heat.


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